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by Nugs-China


January 1, 2017 in Celebrations, Events


We have been blessed out of the previous year and favored into this year (2017) successfully, a beginning with the sweet fragrance of hope and the best of life’s wealth.

We must take a moment to reflect on all the actions and inactions from our forecast drawn as goals laced across last year’s calendar along with its numerous memories of happiness, sorrows ,promotions, failures, contentment, shocks disappointments among others. Its however refreshing to note that, once there is life, hope abounds!

As a union, let’s look ahead with much determination and perseverance in our various embodiments in propelling and safe guarding the core objectives of our existence.

May this year be delightful and auspicious for us all with fresh bouts of excellence as we seek to reach the pinnacle of success and a zenith of glory.


—-Signed—-                                                         —-Signed—-
MICHAEL AMPONSAH                                  FOSTER MENSAH
SECRETARY GENERAL                                NATIONAL PRESIDENT



                     NugsChina warmly welcomes our newly inaugurated Hefei Chapter


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